cast iron jambalaya pots and jambalaya pot accessories including paddles, stands and burners since 1999!
Jambalaya pots may be used for commercial use as well as home use. Use extra care when choosing a cast iron jambalaya pot. Make sure your jambalaya pot is large enough to suit your needs, yet make sure you don't get it too big! Our best sellers are the 3 gallon jambalaya pot, 5 gallon jambalaya pot and 10 gallon jambalaya pot. There are several uses for a jambalaya pot other than cooking your favorite Louisiana jambalaya recipe. Many Cajuns use these pots to cook for larger groups, just like you would cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven. Jambalaya pots are great for soups, gumbos, etoufee, popcorn and more. Other groups in the northern states know these jambalaya pots as sugar pots, caldrons, iron kettles and kettle corn pots.

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